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   18-10-2017 American hostage rescued with family from Afghanistan admitted to hospital
   18-10-2017 Trump heralds $2.4bn sale of F16 fighter jets to debt-laden Greece
   18-10-2017 Dyslexia: scientists claim cause of condition may lie in the eyes
   18-10-2017 World's first 3D-printed bridge opens to cyclists in Netherlands
   18-10-2017 'Obscene? Pornographic?' – Louvre deems sexually explicit sculpture too risqué
   18-10-2017 New Zealand library cracks case of the missing books
   18-10-2017 Traffic jams on major UK roads cost economy around £9bn
   18-10-2017 Energy firms warned to drop worst-value tariffs or face action
   18-10-2017 PM will not reduce six-week wait for universal credit despite MPs’ warnings
   18-10-2017 Labour calls for immediate end to use of vaginal mesh implants
   18-10-2017 Hillary Clinton: 'Picking fights with Kim Jong-un puts a smile on his face'
   18-10-2017 Europe's leaders urge Brexit clarity: 'We need to know what the UK wants to do'
   18-10-2017 Ivanka Trump reveals her 'punk phase' when she liked grunge band Nirvana
   18-10-2017 Phones 4u founder in High Court battle with financial expert accused of fiddling her expenses 
   18-10-2017 £9 billion wasted in a year because of traffic jams
   18-10-2017 Tory MP to miss important Commons vote because of Champions League refereeing commitment 
   18-10-2017 'Not a joke': Joe Biden says European leader compared Donald Trump to Mussolini 
   18-10-2017 Pep Guardiola dedicates Man City win to jailed Catalan separatists
   18-10-2017 Nicola Sturgeon accused of ignoring warnings about £12.3 billion cost of 'citizen's income'
   18-10-2017 Nurse language tests overhauled after complaints they too difficult
   18-10-2017 UK's biggest holiday firm rebrands from Thomson to TUI
   18-10-2017 Wave of Taliban attacks leaves 74 dead in Afghanistan
   18-10-2017 Donald Trump speech: President preaches 'once-in-a-generation' tax plan to choir at Heritage Foundation
   18-10-2017 Ophelia: Storm leaves 170,000 people in Ireland without power as it passes into North Sea
   18-10-2017 Brexit: Britain's mixed messages are confusing the EU, says Ireland's PM
   18-10-2017 Raqqa: Charities demand urgent help for Syrian city's refugees
   18-10-2017 Amazon and eBay profiting from fraud by sellers who dodge VAT, MPs say
   18-10-2017 British men suffering Islamophobic abuse because they 'look Muslim', reveals research
   18-10-2017 Labour challenge Tories to rebel over Universal Credit rollout
   18-10-2017 Labour calls for public inquiry into vaginal mesh implants
   18-10-2017 Ancient Egypt 'wiped out by SOCIAL STRESS’ caused due to VOLCANOES and climate change
   18-10-2017 Brexit clash: Amber Rudd contradicts David Davis - claims 'no deal Brexit is unthinkable'
   18-10-2017 California fires: Deadly wildfires reach LA – HUNDREDS of firefighters battle blaze
   18-10-2017 WORLD WAR 3: North Korea arsenal REVEALED – Where can Kim Jong-un’s nuclear missiles hit?
   18-10-2017 World War 3: North Korea SUCCUMBS to world economic sanctions by grovelling to China
   18-10-2017 Revealed: Prince George’s FAVOURITE FILM is a true modern classic
   18-10-2017 Champions League: Conservative MP will miss crisis Commons vote to referee Barcelona game
   18-10-2017 Amber Rudd to launch new online security plan to prevent 'ONE MILLION card frauds'
   18-10-2017 EU runs risk of 'new financial crisis' by punishing UK 'just to make a political point'
   18-10-2017 EU in CRISIS: Austria could join anti-immigration Visegrad group in Brussels slap down
   18-10-2017 Be Fit Foods dietitian was 'lunchbox shamed' by parents
   18-10-2017 Private investigator exposes Australians likely to cheat  
   18-10-2017 Brazilian man adopts the puppy that peed on him on tape
   18-10-2017 Johnny Depp sues attorney, claims he was fleeced of $40M
   18-10-2017 Weinstein recast role because actress wasn't 'f***able'
   18-10-2017 Fearless Photographers names award-winning wedding photos
   18-10-2017 Russian oligarch unmasked as behind Russia 'troll factory'
   18-10-2017 Tory MP to miss welfare vote - for Champions League tie
   18-10-2017 Jeyaraj Vadiveloo on how many healthy years we have left
   18-10-2017 Channel 4 slammed for ‘blacking-up’ woman so for new show

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