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   22-08-2018 Venezuela hit by 7.3-magnitude earthquake
   22-08-2018 California congressman Duncan Hunter and wife charged with corruption
   22-08-2018 Facebook pulls 652 fake accounts and pages meant to influence world politics
   22-08-2018 Cycle of life: New Zealand MP gives birth to boy after riding to hospital
   22-08-2018 Malaysia accused of 'state-sponsored homophobia' after LGBT crackdown
   22-08-2018 When will it be Trump's turn to accept a plea bargain? | Richard Wolffe
   22-08-2018 'Worst hour' for Trump as Manafort and Cohen both guilty
   22-08-2018 Trump attacks players for kneeling after 0.06% of NFL does so in latest games
   22-08-2018 'Back to the middle ages': Italian police investigate Lazio fans' sexist flyers
   22-08-2018 Saudi Arabia seeks its first death penalty against a female human rights activist
   22-08-2018 Michael Cohen claims Trump 'directed him' to make 'campaign finance violations' as he pleads guilty to 8 felony charges
   22-08-2018 Mollie Tibbetts: Police charge man with murder of missing college student after body discovered
   22-08-2018 'Exciting' cancer drug combination shrinks tumours and stops growth where other treatments failed, early trial suggests
   22-08-2018 Poorer pupils more likely to be excluded than achieve 'good' GCSE grades
   22-08-2018 Price comparison sites 'rife' with errors on car insurance, says Which?
   22-08-2018 Regular moderate drinking may lower heart disease risk, study finds
   22-08-2018 Cause of death sought for 55-foot-long whale washed ashore on Massachusetts beach
   22-08-2018 Justin Trudeau refuses to apologise for telling immigration policy heckler her 'racism has no place in Canada'
   22-08-2018 Women put off dating men who are 'too easy going' or 'too clever', psychology study finds
   22-08-2018 Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen and campaign chairman Paul Manafort convicted of financial crimes
   22-08-2018 Sarah Ferguson makes SURPRISING confession about marriage to Prince Andrew
   22-08-2018 BREXIT BOMBSHELL: October deadline SCRAPPED as UK and EU scramble to avoid no-deal
   22-08-2018 UK weather forecast SHOCK as El Nino set to bring MONTHS of extreme conditions
   22-08-2018 Jeremy Corbyn UNABLE to answer simple Brexit question SIX TIMES in awkward grilling
   22-08-2018 The THREE issues the EU and Britain must resolve as Brexit final stage LOOMS
   22-08-2018 Venezuela earthquake: 7.3 quake strikes northern coast
   22-08-2018 ‘I broke law because CANDIDATE TOLD ME TO’ - Michael Cohen makes SHOCK admission in court
   22-08-2018 Manafort sentence: Donald Trump says it 'doesn't involve' Trump campaign or Russia
   22-08-2018 UK weather forecast: COLD FRONT will bring MUCH COOLER air and WIPE OUT humid conditions
   22-08-2018 ‘MORE to tell’ - Michael Cohen’s lawyer says client has MORE to reveal to Robert Mueller
   22-08-2018 Madonna insists Aretha Franklin speech NOT meant as tribute at VMAs
   22-08-2018 Facebook is rating the 'trustworthiness' of every user
   22-08-2018 Cohen pleads GUILTY to paying Stormy Daniels at Trump's 'direction'
   22-08-2018 Paul Manafort found GUILTY after first trial brought by Mueller
   22-08-2018 Buildings are evacuated as powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Venezuela
   22-08-2018 Batman lookalike is pulled over on a busy road by Canadian Police
   22-08-2018 Airlines announce new rules around carry on liquids on international flights
   22-08-2018 Desperate migrants are seen prying open UK-bound lorry
   22-08-2018 Trump tears into 'fake Russian witch hunt' at rally after stunning Cohen and Manafort developments
   22-08-2018 Ovarian cancer breakthrough as patients respond to new trial of drug
   22-08-2018 Prince Harry and William have ‘let themselves down’ – Princess Diana’s former bodyguard
   22-08-2018 Greatest EVER traveller funeral sees fleet of Rolls Royces and red carpet to grave
   22-08-2018 'I feared for my life' Jermaine Pennant reveals sick kidnap plot
   22-08-2018 Fly tippers’ mile – Film reveals UK’s worst illegal dumping ground
   22-08-2018 Fury as Hillsboro cop case dropped – Families pledge to launch challenge
   22-08-2018 Spurs star Lucas Moura reveals how he lost his hair
   22-08-2018 Police hound drive course coma victim
   22-08-2018 Woman cried rape to hide sex with boy
   22-08-2018 Snowflake generation cannot identify simple flowers
   22-08-2018 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry WON’T have full custody of children due to ancient law

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