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le 24 Culture est constitué d'une sélection de flux RSS Culture ou de l'actualité artistique des médias anglais. C'est une revue des médias en ligne que vous propose
Elle vous offre la possiblité de lire les principaux articles des médias anglais parlant de l'actualité culturelle.
Vous pourrez ainsi savoir quelle information culturelle ou quelle information artistique est en Une de Presse des médias anglais et aussi connaître les différentes opinions qui s'expriment à son sujet.

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[UK] - THE GUARDIAN (Culture)
   23-07-2018 Ctrl Alt Delete: How Politics and the Media Crashed Our Democracy – review
   23-07-2018 Netflix’s Dark Tourist and the trouble with ‘extreme’ travel TV
   23-07-2018 Windrush tales: my parents were caught between nostalgia and an inability to return
   23-07-2018 Neon in Daylight by Hermione Hoby review – shimmering debut
   23-07-2018 The short films with the big picture
   23-07-2018 Man Booker prize 2018: what are your predictions for the longlist?
   23-07-2018 The Lamest Showmen: why can’t male actors sing?
   23-07-2018 Love Among the Ruins review – beauty and brilliance on the high-rises of Sheffield
   23-07-2018 'We wanted to inject some drama': PlayStation chief explains Sony's strange E3
   23-07-2018 'Makes me shiver with glee' – a Stephen King superfan on Castle Rock
   22-07-2018 Virgin Media angers viewers as dispute with UKTV wipes popular shows like Porridge and Red Dwarf
   22-07-2018 Love Island trailer teases dramatic dumping as Alex and Alexandra finally make headway
   22-07-2018 The decayed Los Angeles hotel that inspired the Hotel Artemis
   23-07-2018 David Bowie's first known studio recording, rejected by a record company, to go to auction
   23-07-2018 James Gunn: Hollywood urges Disney to re-hire Guardians of the Galaxy director as petition hits 150,000 signatures
   23-07-2018 6ix9ine: Controversial rapper 'kidnapped, robbed and assaulted' in New York
   23-07-2018 Proms at… the Roundhouse, London, review: Canonical works and new commissions commemorate WWI
   23-07-2018 Prom 7, Royal Albert Hall, London, review: Jacob Collier is a genuine phenomenon, but there's far too much going on in this soupy evening
   23-07-2018 Love Island viewers express unease over Alex's bedroom behaviour
   23-07-2018 Nicola Roberts: Girls Aloud singer gets CPS apology over stalker case
   20-07-2018 Snapshot: ‘Dad fishing’ by Howard Sooley
   20-07-2018 Artist in Residence, C4 — ‘eye-popping’
   20-07-2018 Who Do You Think You Are?, BBC1 — Boy George’s tear-jerking family story
   20-07-2018 Orange Is the New Black: Season 6 opener, Netflix and Prison, C4 — ‘essential viewing’
   20-07-2018 Pity, Royal Court Theatre, London — ridiculous, insane, resonant
   20-07-2018 Theatre to watch in London and beyond
   22-07-2018 Podcast: The Wilderness — how America’s Democrats fell from grace
   21-07-2018 Saul, Glyndebourne, East Sussex — it still packs a punch
   21-07-2018 Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Jazz Café, London — funk stripped down and rebuilt
   23-07-2018 Lehman on stage and how capitalism turned sour
[UK] - THE ECONOMIST (Culture)
   19-07-2018 The scandal over Flint’s water is a tale of poverty and race
   19-07-2018 The brilliant career of Nur Jahan, empress of India
   19-07-2018 Muriel Spark is a bard of nastiness and lies
   19-07-2018 Hunting for fossils in the quirks of language
   19-07-2018 A murder that scandalised Harvard and the world
   12-07-2018 Not all borders make sense. But changing them is dangerous
   12-07-2018 A gripping tale of Sodom sliding towards its bloody end
   12-07-2018 On stage, the saga of the Lehman brothers is a parable of America
   12-07-2018 The siren call of separatism
   12-07-2018 Ottessa Moshfegh’s second novel is as arresting as her first
[UK] - NEW STATESMAN (Culture)

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