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Revue de Presse USA : Victoire d'OBAMA

La victoire d'OBAMA vue par la Presse américaine

VICTOIRE D'OBAMA 2012 : avec sa famille sur scèneL'évènement phare de cette fin d'année 2012, c'est cette victoire de Barack OBAMA, qui est reconduit pour un second mandat de 4 ans, à la Maison Blanche.

Depuis 1945, c'est le seul démocrate à avoir réussi cet exploit, avec Bill CLINTON. vous propose une revue de la Presse américaine pour suivre cet évènement et ses développements.

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Mode d'emploi : cliquez, successivement, sur le quotidien en ligne qui vous intèresse, sur le titre de l'information pour en avoir le résumé et sur "En savoir plus" pour lire l'article sur le site du journal.
(PS : Une information n'est pas toujours disponible pour chaque quotidien en ligne, une actualisation est faite chaque heure)

   18-10-2017 Federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump's third travel ban
   18-10-2017 Remix brings back George Michael's voice
   18-10-2017 Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics get nightmarish start to NBA season
   18-10-2017 Dodgers beat Cubs 6-1, move one win from first World Series since 1988
   18-10-2017 Bondsman: Homicide suspect a 'con artist' who manipulated Arizona teacher
   18-10-2017 Former hostage says his American wife was rushed to hospital
   18-10-2017 Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffers fractured left ankle in season opener
   18-10-2017 Courthouse nude photos lead to clerk's arrest
   18-10-2017 OnPolitics Today: Trump on his false tax claim: People think I'm right
   18-10-2017 Active volcanoes around the globe
   18-10-2017 Catalan Leaders Accuse Madrid of Killing Chance of Talks
   18-10-2017 Navy SEALs Were Ready if Pakistan Failed to Free Family Held as Hostages
   18-10-2017 Taliban Breach Afghan Police Posts, Killing Dozens
   18-10-2017 Book News: George Saunders Wins the Man Booker Prize for ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’
   18-10-2017 Arthur Cinader, Who Started J. Crew, Avatar of Preppy Style, Dies at 90
   18-10-2017 George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations
   18-10-2017 Asia and Australia Edition: Raqqa, Kirkuk, Marawi: Your Wednesday Briefing
   18-10-2017 2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off
   18-10-2017 Raqqa, ISIS ‘Capital,’ Is Captured, U.S.-Backed Forces Say
   17-10-2017 Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Yes, This Is a Witch Hunt. I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You.
[US] - THE NEW YORK TIMES (Politique)
   18-10-2017 Fed’s Williams Says Economy Is Stronger Than It Looks
   18-10-2017 Google Serves Fake News Ads in an Unlikely Place: Fact-Checking Sites
   18-10-2017 Navy SEALs Were Ready if Pakistan Failed to Free Family Held as Hostages
   18-10-2017 Tom Marino, Drug Czar Nominee, Withdraws in Latest Setback for Trump’s Opioid Fight
   18-10-2017 Nafta Negotiators Extend Talks, Delaying Its Potential Demise
   18-10-2017 2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off
   18-10-2017 Lawsuit Claims Three U.S. Companies Funded Terror in Iraq
   18-10-2017 Top General’s Grief Becomes Political Talking Point for Trump
   18-10-2017 Bipartisan Group Plans to Urge Trump to Adjust Policing Policies
   18-10-2017 White House Push to Help Workers Through Corporate Tax Cut Draws Skepticism
[US] - THE MIAMI HERALD (Politique)
   02-10-2015 Oregon college shooting live updates: 'There's been another mass shooting in America,' Obama says
   02-10-2015 Farewell, summer
   01-10-2015 Hillary Clinton poised to win support of nation's largest teachers union
   01-10-2015 If Angels are to make playoffs, they need to stay hot in Texas
   01-10-2015 Brett Anderson helps Dodgers defeat Giants, 3-2, in series finale
   01-10-2015 Angry and frustrated, Obama condemns latest mass shooting in U.S.
   18-10-2017 Two Chinese Nationals Charged With Fentanyl Trafficking
   18-10-2017 Trump Warns McCain: 'I Fight Back'
   18-10-2017 California Fires Pushed Back
   18-10-2017 Welcome to High School. Now Go to College
   18-10-2017 Senators Reach Deal to Shore Up Health Markets
   18-10-2017 U.S. Treasury Declines to Label China a Currency Manipulator
   18-10-2017 U.S. Nafta Negotiator Takes Aim at Rivals
   18-10-2017 Bull Calf Captured in Brooklyn
   18-10-2017 N.J. Bell Building in Newark to Be Redeveloped for Housing
   18-10-2017 FCC Chief Says Regulator Sides With Free Speech in Wake of Trump Complaints
   27-09-2017 Roy Moore Wins Alabama's Republican Senate Primary
   27-09-2017 McConnell's Stature Bruised by Health Bill, Alabama Runoff
   27-09-2017 U.S. Officials Aim to Ease North Korea Tensions Amid Heated Rhetoric
   27-09-2017 Trump to Visit Puerto Rico to Survey Hurricane Damage
   27-09-2017 Senate Scraps Vote on GOP Measure to Repeal Health Law
   26-09-2017 U.S. Proposes Restrictions on Russian Flights
   26-09-2017 White House Plans to Set Refugee Cap at 45,000 for Next Fiscal Year
   26-09-2017 Mueller Probe Turns to White House Officials
   26-09-2017 Bidders Start Construction for Border-Wall Prototypes
   26-09-2017 Lawmakers Seek Quick Relief for Puerto Rico After Maria
   18-10-2017 Deputies issue warning after kid allegedly chased by clown
   18-10-2017 MS-13 members plead guilty in vicious revenge killing of girl
   18-10-2017 Trump to slain soldier’s widow: ‘He knew what he signed up for’
   18-10-2017 Man’s diary leads to arrest for child sexual abuse: cops
   18-10-2017 Hundreds of teens throw rager in for-sale home while owners grab dinner
   18-10-2017 Ivanka Trump went through a punk phase
   18-10-2017 Parent accused of beating high school student on campus
   18-10-2017 Trump calls families of soldiers killed in Niger
   18-10-2017 Pastor removes 5-year-old’s gravestone after payment issue
   18-10-2017 Man allegedly killed daughter because ‘God told him to’
[US] - NEW YORK POST (Politique)
   12-10-2017 The lone hero of the Weinstein saga, Warren is now the Dems’ soul & other comments
   13-10-2017 Bronx cops illegally put political bumper stickers on squad cars
   13-10-2017 Americans fear US politicians more than Kim Jong Un: poll
   13-10-2017 Larry Flynt offers $10M in quest to impeach Trump
   14-10-2017 Why Republicans can’t get anything done
   16-10-2017 The Times’ new policy to hide reporters’ bias
   16-10-2017 Why de Blasio’s donations are drying up
   16-10-2017 Politician who says she was abducted by aliens runs for Congress
   17-10-2017 Will Jersey voters fall for happy fantasies?
   17-10-2017 Trump finds out Greek PM once called him ‘evil’
[US] - THE BOSTON GLOBE (Politique)
[US] - USATODAY (Politique)
   05-07-2017 Lindsay Lohan calls for people to 'stop bullying' Trump
   26-06-2017 Conservative pundits: Colluding with Russia isn't a 'crime'
   23-06-2017 Hillary Clinton calls Republicans 'death party' if health care bill passes
   22-06-2017 Nebraska Democratic official ousted for allegedly wishing Steve Scalise dead
   22-06-2017 OnPolitics Today: The Senate health bill is out — and already stalled
   22-06-2017 The Bubble: Conservative and liberal spin on the Senate health care bill
   21-06-2017 President Trump taunts Democrats over Georgia special election loss
   21-06-2017 OnPolitics Today: How 'mean' will the Senate's health care bill be?
   20-06-2017 Sean Spicer still looking for his replacement ... but remains press secretary for now
   19-06-2017 McCain to White House: Get a strategy for Afghanistan or Congress will step in
   18-10-2017 Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in Illinois
   18-10-2017 Trump to Heritage Foundation: Tax-cut plan is 'chance to make a difference'
   18-10-2017 Inside the Beltway: Upping the Ante: RNC trolls the DNC
   18-10-2017 Trump urges Americans to use 'Merry Christmas' at holidays
   18-10-2017 Christopher Sharpley, Trump pick for CIA IG, is too lenient on torture: Democrats
   17-10-2017 New York Times' social media policy hides political bias, doesn't eliminate it
   17-10-2017 Scott Pruitt meets with Chuck Grassley, other lawmakers to discuss ethanol
   17-10-2017 CIA watchdog nominee says he never read torture report
   17-10-2017 New York Times editor admits paper is very, very (very) biased
   17-10-2017 Donald Trump calls families of Special Forces killed in Niger
   10-11-2015 Jeb Bush says he'd kill baby Hitler if he could travel in time
   09-11-2015 University of Missouri system president resigns
   09-11-2015 Jordan: 3 killed, including 2 Americans, in police shooting
   07-11-2015 Pregnant woman killed, 2 kids injured in Fla. shooting
   07-11-2015 Ben Carson defends West Point story, calls news media unfair
   07-11-2015 GOP presidential contender Kasich coming to Regent
   06-11-2015 Ben Carson admits West Point scholarship claim untrue
   06-11-2015 Obama administration kills Keystone XL pipeline
   06-11-2015 Marijuana is the least of America's drug worries, police say
   05-11-2015 Detective: Hero cop sought hit-man to cover up thefts
   18-10-2017 Teen who may be danger to herself, others last seen with her baby at east Oak Cliff DART station
   18-10-2017 Driver in critical condition after hitting seventh-grade football team bus in Denton
   18-10-2017 Man took cash from register at Mesquite convenience store, police say
   18-10-2017 3 arrested at Home Depot in Fort Worth while trying to grab $20,000 in Mexican kidnapping plot
   18-10-2017 McKinney developers pitch project for Amazon's HQ2
   18-10-2017 Power couple donate house as refuge to women, children fleeing domestic violence
   17-10-2017 WaterTower Theatre's 'Pride and Prejudice' swings from way-too-clever to satisfyingly calm
   17-10-2017 Well wishers: Neiman Marcus catalog could help young Dallas sisters' ornaments become water for others
   17-10-2017 Zeke's suspension, Dallas' weed vote, burying a downtown highway: Your Tuesday evening roundup
   17-10-2017 Will Dallas ISD turn to charter schools to avoid the state's accountability hammer?
   17-10-2017 Where Is the Empathy for Somalia?
   17-10-2017 Harvey Weinstein and the Illusion of the Vulgar But Passionate Old-Hollywood Studio Boss
   17-10-2017 A Short Film About the Color and Darkness of the Immigrant Experience
   17-10-2017 Code Name Melania: Secret Agent Fighting Cyberbullying
   17-10-2017 Donald Trump’s Slurs and Mitch McConnell’s Complicity
   17-10-2017 The Implications of the Academy Kicking Out Harvey Weinstein
   18-10-2017 Charles Simic Reads Sharon Olds
   18-10-2017 The Fall of Raqqa and the Ignominious End of the ISIS Caliphate
   18-10-2017 Where the Fires in Northern California Came From, and What Lies Ahead
   18-10-2017 How Far Will John McCain Go Against President Trump?
[US] - THE NEW YORKER (Politique)
   05-10-2017 Inside a Changing First-Grade Classroom in the 1970s
   04-10-2017 ‘A Dazzling New Sight in the Heavens’: Remembering Sputnik’s First Days
   04-10-2017 Rare Photos Capture the ‘Essential’ Marilyn Monroe
   28-09-2017 Behind the Vietnam War Story of ‘P.O.W. Wife’ Valerie Kushner
   20-09-2017 See Inside a Berlin Synagogue’s First Rosh Hashanah After World War II
   18-09-2017 When the U.S. Air Force Got More Recruits Than It Could Handle
   18-09-2017 The Vietnam War and the Story Behind the Pictures of Hanoi’s Communist Takeover
   13-09-2017 This Girl Tròn: The Forgotten Subject of Vietnam War Photographer Larry Burrows
   12-09-2017 This Is How Telethons Became a Fundraising Tradition
   07-09-2017 22 Women From History Who Were ‘Firsts’ in Their Fields
   18-10-2017 The Defense Department Is Looking Into Why Four U.S. Soldiers Died in Niger
   18-10-2017 A New Google Doodle Celebrates the Legacy of the Studio for Electronic Music
   18-10-2017 China’s Future Is Bright But Its Economic Challenges Are Severe, Says Xi Jinping
   18-10-2017 Portugal’s Government Is Facing a No-Confidence Vote over This Week’s Forest Fires
   18-10-2017 Hillary Clinton Says Threats of War With North Korea Are ‘Dangerous and Short-Sighted’
   18-10-2017 The Recently Released Taliban Hostage Caitlan Boyle Has Been Rushed to Hospital
   18-10-2017 The Myanmar Army Has Killed Hundreds of Rohingya, an Amnesty Report Says
   18-10-2017 Now Harvey Weinstein’s Brother Bob Is Being Accused of Sexual Harassment
   18-10-2017 6-Year-Old Boy Found in Dumpster Was Drowned in Bathtub by a Relative, Police Say
   18-10-2017 Here’s Why There Probably Won’t Be a New Deal on NAFTA This Year
[US] - TIME (Politique)
   17-10-2017 President Trump Says Rep. Tom Marino Is Withdrawing His Name for Drug Czar
   17-10-2017 Republicans Worry They’ll Lose Congress. Their Solution? Tax Cuts
   17-10-2017 Joe Biden: Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Understand How the Government Functions’
   17-10-2017 John McCain Is Worried the U.S. Is Going Back ‘to the 1930s’
   17-10-2017 Federal Judge Blocks Latest Version of President Trump’s Travel Ban
   17-10-2017 Senators Say They’ve Reached a Bipartisan Deal to Save Obamacare Health Subsidies
   17-10-2017 Why President Trump Held That Press Conference
   17-10-2017 The White House Is Using John Kelly’s Dead Son to Criticize Obama
   17-10-2017 Donald Trump Warns John McCain: ‘At Some Point I Fight Back’
   18-10-2017 Hillary Clinton Says Threats of War With North Korea Are ‘Dangerous and Short-Sighted’
   17-10-2017 Puerto Rico Still Needs Our Help. Here’s What You Can Do
   17-10-2017 How the Swindlers of Silicon Valley Avoid Paying Taxes
   17-10-2017 Actually, No, Bob Corker and John McCain Are Doing Nothing to Hold Trump Accountable
   17-10-2017 With Trump’s Latest Muslim Ban Blocked, Take Action to Defeat It for Good
   17-10-2017 It Feels Surreal Being a Puerto Rican in the United States These Days
   17-10-2017 Sure, Bob Corker Stood Up to Trump, but That Doesn’t Excuse His Record
   17-10-2017 The Values Voters Summit Props Up Our White-Supremacist Corporate Oligarchy
   17-10-2017 David Petraeus Tells Us How the War in Afghanistan Will End
   17-10-2017 What Happens When Bosses Collude to Bar You From Your Job?
   17-10-2017 Have You Ever Had to Work When You Were Sick?
[US] - THE NATION (Politique)
   17-10-2017 How Taking a 'Walk on the Wild Side' Advanced LGBT Visibility in Hollywood
   17-10-2017 Thank You, Rose
   17-10-2017 Florida's Out Latino Lawmaker Is Not Giving Up on Gun Control
   17-10-2017 102 Photos to Trigger Your Underwear Fetish
   17-10-2017 Out 13 Reasons Why Star Tommy Dorfman Responds to Brazilian Homophobia
   18-10-2017 12 LGBT Celebs Who Spoke Out About Harassment, Abuse
   18-10-2017 Amazon Exec Resigns After Lesbian Producer Accuses Him of Harassment
   17-10-2017 No, Roger Stone and Donald Trump Are Not LGBT Allies
   17-10-2017 Millions of Australians Already Voted In Marriage Equality Survey
   17-10-2017 Survivor of Gay Concentration Camp in Chechnya Comes Forward
[US] - THE ADVOCATE (Politique)
   09-09-2015 Fayetteville Voted on LGBT Rights Again
   09-09-2015 While Some GOP Candidates Back Kim Davis, John Kasich Says 'Bigger Fish to Fry'
   08-09-2015 Op-ed: The Black Gay Trans Man at Minneapolis City Hall
   08-09-2015 Are GOP Donors the Key to Passing a Nondiscrimination Bill?
   05-09-2015 WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Explains Why She Once Didn't Support Marriage Equality
   05-09-2015 WATCH: More Officials Like Kim Davis Would Be a Disaster
   04-09-2015 Donald Trump Takes a Day to Get Up to Speed on Kim Davis
   04-09-2015 Republicans Use Kim Davis to Score Points for President
   03-09-2015 LGBT Supporters to Hillary Clinton: The Battle Isn't Over
   02-09-2015 LISTEN: Kentucky Clerk's Marriage Equality Resistance 'American Way,' Says Rand Paul
   18-10-2017 Could a Local War in Asia Create a Superpower Showdown Between America and China?
   18-10-2017 China vs. Japan: Asia's Other Great Game
   18-10-2017 China’s 19th Party Congress and How the Mighty Xi Jinping Could Fall
   18-10-2017 After the 19th National Party Congress, China’s Foreign Policy will Likely Become More Assertive
   18-10-2017 Is America an Empire?
   18-10-2017 How the Balkans Were Won: A Turkish Foreign Policy Success Story
   18-10-2017 The "Super-Fuze": The Big Upgrade to America's Nuclear Arsenal That Russia Fears
   17-10-2017 Are the Neocons Finally with Trump?
   17-10-2017 Does China Really Pose a Threat to Taiwan?
   17-10-2017 America's Options on North Korea Are Bleak
   18-10-2017 NFL owners gather to discuss National Anthem protests
   17-10-2017 Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid harassment allegations, company says
   17-10-2017 Delta ends 747 era with rise of new Airbus
   17-10-2017 Harvey Weinstein off Weinstein Company board of directors
   18-10-2017 Malaysia Airlines just lost another CEO
   18-10-2017 Miramax insider: 'Everybody' knew about Weinstein's behavior
   18-10-2017 Market strategist Marc Faber under fire for racist remarks
   18-10-2017 George Soros has given $18 billion to his pro-democracy foundation
   18-10-2017 NFL announces support for criminal justice reform
   18-10-2017 Twitter's plan to police hate speech and symbols
   17-10-2017 Taran Killam Says It Was 'Rough' Having Donald Trump Host 'Saturday Night Live'
   17-10-2017 EA is Closing Visceral, Overhauling 'Star Wars' Game
   17-10-2017 LeBron James on Race Relations, Donald Trump, Retirement
   17-10-2017 Bipartisan Deal Could Protect Obamacare for Next Two Years
   17-10-2017 Flashback: Smashing Pumpkins Rip Through 'Cherub Rock' in 1993
   17-10-2017 Bob Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment
   18-10-2017 Daily Glixel: 'Wolfenstein II' Launch Trailer Teases the Return of a Familiar Villain
   18-10-2017 Molly Ringwald: 'I Have Had Plenty Harveys of My Own'
   18-10-2017 Amazon Studios Head Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations
   18-10-2017 Richard Hell and the Voidoids Prep 'Blank Generation' Reissue
[US] - ROLLINGSTONE (Politique)
   17-10-2017 Melania Trump Wants Americans to Support Hurricane Relief—Maybe She Should Ask Her Husband First
   17-10-2017 This Is Exactly What Sephora Employees Would Buy With $50
   17-10-2017 Here's How Fast the Kardashians Make Your Yearly Salary
   18-10-2017 The Story Behind Kate's Surprise Pregnancy on This Is Us and How Chrissy Metz Reacted
   18-10-2017 'This Is Us' Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Kate Finds Out Something Life-Changing
   17-10-2017 Beyoncé Was Almost Cast in the Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'
   17-10-2017 Demi Lovato Addresses Her Sexuality in Her New Documentary
   17-10-2017 The First Look at 'Glow' Season 2 Is Here
   17-10-2017 Candice Huffine Just Launched a Size-Inclusive Activewear Line
   17-10-2017 Activist Tarana Burke Started the 'Me Too' Movement 10 Years Ago
   17-10-2017 Why the Krack Wi-Fi Mess Will Take Decades to Clean Up
   17-10-2017 Modern Love: Are Humans Ready for Intimacy With Robots?
   17-10-2017 The Radical Message of 'Halt and Catch Fire'
   17-10-2017 The Flawed System Behind the Krack Wi-Fi Meltdown
   17-10-2017 ZTE's Axon M Pushes For a Dual-Screen Phone Future
   18-10-2017 Sonos One Review: Amazon's Alexa Is Here, But It Still Has Some Growing Up to Do
   18-10-2017 Volvo's Revamped Polestar Brand Will Take on Tesla
   17-10-2017 Here Are Twitter's Latest Rules for Fighting Hate and Abuse
   17-10-2017 FCC Chair Finally Says Agency Won't Censor Trump's Enemies
   17-10-2017 Great Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle Deal (and PC Deal)
   17-10-2017 DVF Studio Brings East Coast Eclat to City By the Bay
   17-10-2017 How These Angels are Training for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
   17-10-2017 Olivia Wilde on Being an Empowered Woman in Film
   17-10-2017 Kendra Scott Sues Retailer Over Medallion Design
   17-10-2017 Supreme Headlines New Streetwear Vertical at StockX
   17-10-2017 WomenOne’s Dayle Haddon Aims to Empower Girls With Help From Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
   17-10-2017 The Mall of San Juan Gets Ready to Reopen
   17-10-2017 Google’s West Hollywood Pop-up Big Show of Pixel Lineup
   17-10-2017 A Neiman’s Christmas Fantasy: His and Her Rolls-Royces
   17-10-2017 Verifone and Alipay Streamline Payments for Chinese Travelers
[US] - FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Politique)
   18-10-2017 Bannon boosts Flake challenger, snubs Trump plea to back off
   18-10-2017 Judge HR sparks NY, Yanks beat Astros 6-4 to even ALCS at 2
   18-10-2017 Californians head back home to altered lives, communities
   18-10-2017 Xi says China's prospects are bright but challenges severe
   18-10-2017 A short-term health deal by senators _ but Trump a question
   18-10-2017 Senate moves ahead on GOP budget that's key to taxes
   18-10-2017 Former hostage says his American wife was rushed to hospital
   18-10-2017 Politics and the fallen: Trump hasn't called all families
   18-10-2017 Judge halts newest Trump travel ban, saying it has same woes
   18-10-2017 Showrunner alleges sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein
   17-10-2017 Trump warns 'I fight back' after McCain hits foreign policy
   18-10-2017 Files reveal details of US support for Indonesian massacre
   18-10-2017 Bannon boosts Flake challenger, snubs Trump plea to back off
   18-10-2017 Judge dismisses Russian billionaire's suit against AP
   18-10-2017 Politics and the fallen: Trump hasn't called all families
   18-10-2017 Families of the fallen, and their presidents
   18-10-2017 The Latest: Trump says US should not tear down history
   17-10-2017 CIA watchdog nominee says he never read torture report
   17-10-2017 Trump hails Greece's economic revival at White House meeting
   17-10-2017 After IS collapse in Raqqa, US faces other extremism threats
[US] - ZENIT (en)
[US] - ZENIT (fr)
[US] - ZENIT (ge)
[US] - ZENIT (es)
[US] - ZENIT (it)
[US] - ZENIT (pt)
[US] - CNN
   18-10-2017 Xi lays out his sweeping vision for China
   17-10-2017 China's push to modernize its military
   18-10-2017 Putin's 'chef,' the man behind a troll factory
   18-10-2017 Trump warns McCain: 'Be careful ... I fight back'
   18-10-2017 How Trump politicized military service and sacrifice
   18-10-2017 Trump tells soldier's widow 'he knew what he signed up for'
   18-10-2017 Puerto Rico mayor brings food, finds desperation
   17-10-2017 Trump's latest travel ban blocked again
   18-10-2017 Ousted S. Korean leader suffering in jail: lawyers
   18-10-2017 Malaysia Airlines just lost another CEO
[US] - CNN (Politique)
   18-10-2017 Trump warns McCain: 'Be careful because at some point I fight back'
   18-10-2017 Bipartisan senators reach small deal on health care
   18-10-2017 Congresswoman says Trump told widow of fallen soldier 'he knew what he signed up for'
   18-10-2017 Poll shows tied Alabama Senate race
   18-10-2017 2 US sailors die of apparent drug overdoses in same week
   18-10-2017 Pruitt: Scientists receiving federal grants will be cut from EPA advising roles
   18-10-2017 ICE chief pledges quadrupling or more of workplace crackdowns
   18-10-2017 Exclusive: Putin's 'chef,' the man behind the troll factory
   18-10-2017 White House won't say if staffers have chartered planes
   18-10-2017 Trump serves up political red meat in speech before conservatives
   18-10-2017 Harvey Weinstein Resigns From His Company Following Scandal
   17-10-2017 Federal Judge Blocks Latest Trump Travel Ban
   17-10-2017 Trump's Reports of Obamacare's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
   18-10-2017 A Silent Epidemic of Cancer Is Spreading Among Men
   17-10-2017 U.S.-Backed Forces Reclaim Raqqa From ISIS
   18-10-2017 Celtics New Star Gordon Hayward Suffers Gruesome Injury
   18-10-2017 Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers
   18-10-2017 Residents of Flame-Ravaged Sonoma Yearn for Normal
   17-10-2017 Trump's Evangelical Fans Are Morally Bankrupt Hypocrites
   17-10-2017 What Will it Take to Get Virtual Reality Right?
[US] - MSNBC (Politique)
   18-10-2017 Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers
   17-10-2017 Federal Judge Blocks Latest Trump Travel Ban
   17-10-2017 Trump's Reports of Obamacare's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
   17-10-2017 Senate Subpoenas Former Trump Adviser Carter Page
   17-10-2017 Senate Asks Mike Flynn's Son for Documents, Testimony in Russia Probe
   18-10-2017 Trump Told Widow Soldier 'Must've Known What He Signed Up For,' Rep. Says
   18-10-2017 Democrats to Seek Assurances From Sessions on Russia Investigation
   18-10-2017 Trump: Ask Gen. Kelly Whether Obama Called When His Son Died
   18-10-2017 Trump Taking Second Look at Drug Czar Nominee After Report
   17-10-2017 GOP Lawmakers Open Door to Arctic Drilling
   18-10-2017 Sexy celeb magazine covers
   18-10-2017 Israel finds a welcome audience with Christian journalists
   18-10-2017 Al-Qaida set to gain as Islamic State disintegrates
   18-10-2017 Bannon backs candidates in Arizona, Wisconsin, Mississippi
   18-10-2017 Diplomats from Washington, Seoul, Tokyo talk N. Korea threat
   18-10-2017 US looking to Japan for help in boosting LNG exports to Asia
   18-10-2017 Car bomb kills 4 police, 2 civilians in southwest Pakistan
   18-10-2017 Trump reportedly told slain soldier's widow 'he knew what he signed up for'
   18-10-2017 Houston-area "Tourniquet Killer" set to die
   18-10-2017 North Korea plans more satellites, says US violating UN sanctions
[US] - FOXNEWS (Politique)
   18-10-2017 McCain condemns isolationist politics, calls it 'unpatriotic'
   18-10-2017 Drug czar pick Tom Marino withdraws after opioid report
   17-10-2017 Trump spoke to families of Americans killed in Niger
   17-10-2017 Fox News Poll: Guadagno trails Murphy by 14 in New Jersey governor race
   18-10-2017 Bannon backs candidates in Arizona, Wisconsin, Mississippi
   18-10-2017 Anthony Weiner laptop had 2,800 gov't documents from Huma Abedin: Report
   18-10-2017 Trump pitches tax plan as 'the best Christmas present of all'
   18-10-2017 Gowdy wants Comey to testify again following Clinton email draft release
   18-10-2017 Trump dossier firm's 'smear' tactics unveiled: Fusion GPS labeled critic a 'pedophile,' 'extortionist' and 'drug trafficker'
   18-10-2017 Comey insisted no 'special' rules in FBI Clinton probe - while drafting 'exoneration statement'
[US] - MSN
   18-10-2017 Yankees mount late rally to stun Astros and even ALCS in 6-4 win
   18-10-2017 Prison used inmate as bait to catch perv, then punished her
   18-10-2017 Amazon head Roy Price resigns amid sexual harassment allegation
   18-10-2017 Two women suspected of dressing as nuns to rob Pennsylvania bank
   18-10-2017 Hayward's injury a blow to season, Celtics' championship hopes
   18-10-2017 ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ star Tessa Thompson wants all-female Marvel film
   18-10-2017 Rangers fall in 5-4 overtime loss to Penguins, drop to 1-5-1
   18-10-2017 NBA stars react to Gordon Hayward’s gruesome leg injury
   18-10-2017 5 Pointz trial starts as artists argue builder ruined valued art
   18-10-2017 Trump defends Christopher Columbus statues to Heritage Foundation

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